Kill shots, literally

$1 million to find error in estimates of how many people have been killed by Covid injections. Obviously, they are not vaccines. If they were, then there would be no need for medical experiments on billions world wide. In many countries these experiments were mandated, establishing clear culpability of governments. This is War on… Continue reading Kill shots, literally

Princes of the Yen

Very good documentary about Japan’s economic and political history after WWII:

Australian Senator talks about nanotech in COVID vaccines

So-called ‘vaccines’ because they should be known as injections or medical experiments. Growing evidence that these injections are genocide, according to Senator Malcolm Roberts:

More bad news for the COVID jabbed

The bad news (data) just keeps piling in: Another deadly “side effect” of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” has been unearthed, and it spells disaster for future generations. It turns out that the experimental drugs trigger “germ line modifications” to female eggs and male sperm. To make a long story short, Fauci Flu shots appear to cause… Continue reading More bad news for the COVID jabbed

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Putin spanks ‘unfriendly countries’

It’s a bitch-slap for sure: (Reuters) -The Russian rouble briefly leapt to a three-week high past 95 against the dollar on Wednesday in Moscow, before settling close to 100, after President Vladimir Putin said Russia would start selling its gas to “unfriendly countries” in roubles. The potential ramifications of that move, which Putin ordered his… Continue reading Putin spanks ‘unfriendly countries’