Hello World, Goodbye LinkedIn!

After being on LinkedIn for longer than I care to remember (>15 years) I decided to quit and LI itself helped me with this decision.

I very rarely posted on there, apart from updates to my profile. However, motivated by a Jonathan Cook article Where best to ride out the climate apocalypse?, I decided to make a short summary post in which I wished Branson/Bezos/Musk (i.e. the billionaires) would drop dead as something obviously beneficial to the planet.

Shortly afterwards, I found two emails in my inbox.

One, informing me about the post being against a policy of something or other. I guess wishing someone would drop dead is not polite in this society. Fair enough, billionaires should stick together when facing such danger.

The other, informing me about my profile picture being against another one of their policies. This one definitely caught my attention because I use this very same image everywhere as my avatar, and have done for the best part of 20 years.

Since I am naturally contrary and don’t like social networks of any kind, I decided to seize the moment and cancel myself.

Now I am happy being a member of 0 social networks! I may quit those too…