Mass Formation Psychosis

I search high and low for information. I believe none of it and always try to make my own mind up on issues. That is what my brain is for, apparently. And belief is a beautiful thing…

MSM and government pronouncement mean little to me in terms of information value and even less as explanations. Lets be honest, its mostly lies and irrelevant noise. It is supposed to dumb you down, stop you from questioning the narrative and make you obedient.

Check out this podcast for how and why this works on the scale of societies. The subject matter is closely related to the Shock Doctrine.

It is also worth following Dr Robert Malone who has some interesting things to say about mass psychosis. If you’ve not heard of Dr Malone then that is by design (of Big Tech and those pushing the COVID narrative), because even though he had a big part in inventing mRNA technology, he is very much against the current drive to ‘vaccinate’ everyone on planet Earth.