What if?

Browsing the net, in search of news, I stumbled upon this article, which goes something like:

What if Christmas is a core belief in a personal God who lived among us and many times offered a freely given promise of eternal salvation that no believer should reject or apologize for?

And it goes on and on.

Is it by coincidence that it is presented in the socratic method?

Why do people continue on this road to nowhere? What do I mean? Do you even need to ask?

What if there is no god? What if there has never been evidence to support these wild claims? Afterall, don’t extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence? And anyway, who cares what you believe?

Do you believe in goodness? Do you think goodness comes from within or without? Do you think it can be bartered, bought and sold? Do you think goodness can be forced upon you (like democracy)?

One of the most ridiculous concepts out there is that god gives you goodness. If you believe that, then you give away your right to be good. Once you have given away your right to be the issuer of goodness, you cannot be truly good.

Is there even such a thing as goodness? Can there be goodness without badness?

Don’t you think you decide? If you don’t decide, then what is free will?