Flip it and reverse it

Gas prices are increasing and, in direct proportion, so are the quantity and quality of lies.

The EU (think Germany) has reversed the flow of gas in the Yamal pipeline so it is now flowing to Poland, not from Poland, and you can be sure it will end up in Ukraine.

No prizes for guessing who is giving giving the orders.

EU industry is screaming bloody murder, but when so much money is being made, who cares about the EU and industry:


If you still have trouble understanding this new normal, maybe this (from Putin’s press conference) can help you:

You just mentioned the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline. I see these accusations against Russia and Gazprom that Gazprom for the second or third day in a row did not book traffic for gas supplies to Europe via this route, Yamal – Europe. How disgusting, how to say it… Okay. It just crosses all boundaries. After all, he did not book this traffic, because those of his counterparties and companies, and these are primarily German and French, who buy gas along this route, did not put up orders for purchase. What to transit if they don’t have purchase requisitions? And what did they start doing? In reverse mode, they turned on this route from Germany to Poland and for several days they are pumping from Germany to Poland.

I think everyone should be interested in this. Why? Yes, because we supply gas to Germany under long-term contracts, and the price is three, four, six, seven times cheaper than at spot. Even by reselling one billion cubic meters of gas, you can earn almost a billion dollars, 900 something. It’s a business. That’s the first thing.

Having gained a certain volume, having received 5.6 billion more from us than provided for in long-term contracts, they are now selling it. But that is not all. After all, they pump gas in reverse mode, how can you feed in the obverse mode? The gas cannot move simultaneously through the same pipe in both directions. They: (a) did not order; b) in the reverse turned on.

But this is only part of the information.

There is a connection, there is a pipe that connects the Polish pipeline system with the Ukrainian one. The volume is about three million cubic meters per day. That is how much from Germany is served in Poland. I have every reason to believe that this gas will eventually go to Ukraine. Both consumers in Europe and Germany should know what is really happening, and, perhaps, apply to certain authorities with a request to clarify this position.

And instead of applying to Poland and then to Ukraine, trying to “support the pants” there to someone, it would be better to carry out further supplies to Europe, to the same Federal Republic, and influence the price on the spot, because the larger the volume of the product on the market, the lower the price will be. No, they started pumping there, in the opposite direction. That’s the problem. What does Gazprom have to do with this?

So let them take care of their questions and react to them in time and do not think that they are so smart and that the god fell asleep on them. The problems they have created for themselves must be solved by them, and we are ready to help. That’s what we do. I think I’ve shown that convincingly now.