Psy Ops

Gilbert Doctorow has an interesting post on his blog. He argues that

Psy Ops are [as] the key to understanding what Russia has been doing lately to force a US-NATO capitulation

It in an interesting premise and his analysis seems to be placed on a firm footing. Not even a day passes since his post and I read this on RT:

Over 10,000 Russian soldiers are now heading back to their home bases following month-long drills held in various regions, including those bordering Ukraine.

To be sure, 10000 troops is not a big number for Russia, but imagine you’re dumb as a door-knob and can’t tell shit from shinola unless you’re told what to think by the MSM. The catchy headline will probably be enough to convince you that huffing and puffing, and Christine Lambrecht with Jens Stoltenberg single-handedly, scared the Russians back into their caves.