Josh Rogan, Jordan Peterson and loser Neil Young

This article on RT reports the recent Josh Rogan interview with Jordan Peterson. It discusses, among other things, concepts such as ‘environment’, ‘climate change’, energy and poverty. Very interesting – I highly recommend it. Anyway, towards the end of the RT article there is this paragraph: The backlash against the latest Rogan podcast comes amid… Continue reading Josh Rogan, Jordan Peterson and loser Neil Young

NZ PM all smiles but the topic is not so funny

I find the body language of Jacinda Ardern strange to say the least: Why indeed does she keep on smiling throughout? Is it because she knows the ‘lovely’ Klaus Schwab has her back: She is after all part of his stable of young leaders. Or is that the stench of psychopathy?

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UK government admits double vaccination destroys your immune system

Well, this is not really surprising, given the data of recent months. What is surprising is that it comes so soon in the push to vaccinate everyone and their dog. Also, the timing is interesting, what with all the hoo-haa of the ‘mystical Russian invasion in Ukraine’. Things are changing quickly, don’t get caught out:… Continue reading UK government admits double vaccination destroys your immune system

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How we are bred

An interesting post on how to breed humanity. An eye opener! Global elites use all kinds of trickery to procreate, and then pretend it was natural. Do you remember the sudden rise of twins and triplets in the 90s and 2000s? That was due to early hit-and-miss technology in artificial insemination. And yes, the world’s… Continue reading How we are bred

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Global warming

Aha, now pull the other one, it’s got bells on it:

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COVID pandemic cover-up

The cover-up is already in the public domain and is being exposed further: The explosive thing is that they [e-mail correspondence of Anthony Fauci with some very respected virologists in the period from Feb. 1 to Feb. 4, 2020] make it very clear that we are dealing with a massive cover-up of the origin… Continue reading COVID pandemic cover-up

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Normalizing pedophilia

I have also noticed the increased frequency of explanations how pedophiles are and pedophilia is misunderstood. That this is merely a ‘sexual orientation’. The whole LGBTQ or whatever is being pushed down our throats with the intention of adding a P to it (pedophile). I can just imagine a near future when the BBC or… Continue reading Normalizing pedophilia