900 hundred deaths

The Government of Luxembourg is getting ready to debate vaccine mandates. To this effect is has published questions for MPs in advance, to better instruct the debate, a reported by RTL.

The situation, we are told, is grave, catastrophic even. Humanity is nearing extinction in little Luxembourg:

The document starts by underlining the “alarming” situation in which Luxembourg finds itself today. The pandemic has caused “at present more than 900 deaths”. 931 as of Thursday evening to be exact. The document stresses that there is a “recurrent risk of seeing intensive care units and operating theatres blocked because of patients who are mostly unvaccinated”.

RTL Today

Yes, we need to turn society up-side-down because since the pandemic begin 900 people died. You cannot make this stuff up.

Given this level of hysteria, propaganda and lies I am almost certain that Luxembourg will join the ranks of totalitarian regimes by forcing everyone to get a jab, regardless of science and fact.