What will Russia do next?

This question has been on everybody’s mind recently, after the un-ultimatum delivered to the US mid-December 2021 and following the ‘failed’ talks in Geneva in January 2022.

We know what the MSM media think or want us to think i.e. invade Ukraine. But clearly invasion is not on the cards, that would be a bug mistake Putin and company have no reason to make.

What I have been looking for is more of a Russian take on this question. Today, I have found a summary description of a Russian political talk show which deals precisely with this issue: Russian elites talk WAR: ‘Evening with Vladimir Solovyov,’ 16 January 2022 by Gilbert Doctorow.

Towards the end of Mr Doctorow’s summary there is this stunning piece of news: Russian submarine with 160 nukes on board surfaces off US coast.

According to NetEase publication, Russian nuclear submarine of the Borey project (according to other sources, it was an Akula project submarine), approached the US coast unnoticed. It was possible to establish the whereabouts of the nuclear submarine with up to 160 nuclear warheads on boards after the sub started going back to the base. A submarine of this class is capable of destroying most of the territory of the United States of America in minutes.

If that was not enough, there are also reports of Amphibious Assault Ships [heading] Into Baltic Sea.

Just three days after Sweden let it be known they were thinking of asking to join NATO, Russia has sent an Amphibious Assault fleet into the Baltic Sea near Sweden.

I am sure this is just a taste of what the Russians mean when they say ‘militry-technical measures’ will be employed to force US to back of the red-lines delivered in the un-ultimatum.