Interesting death statistics from the UK

It seems that throughout the pandemic, in the UK, 17371 people have died from purely COVID i.e. where COVID was the only cause on the death certificate.

The average age of these purely COVID deaths is 82.9 years.

As obvious as these deaths are tragic to those people and their families, is their surprisingly small number and the clear lack of honest reporting. The MSM would have you believe quite the reverse.

Incidentally, I have seen a recording of a speech from a protest in Lublin in Poland, against COVID measures, vaccines and mandates. A paramedic (i.e. ambulance crew) was telling the crowd how he witnessed patients from nearby hospitals being driven to a specially built COVID hospital to ensure they would be the backdrop for cameras during a ministerial visit.

I remember, from growing up behind the Iron Curtain, how people used to joke that ‘grass would be painted green’ before official party and government visits, to please the eye.

That was funny. Using hospital patients for propaganda purposes is not. It’s a new low…