Comparing Ukraine of 1991 to Poland of 1919

This is an interesting analysis of history. It certainly goes against the narrative and the history we get taught at school. However, if you’ve lived long enough to really experience reality and political events, and if you are capable of thinking for yourself, as opposed repeating what someone else told you to think and say, then you will surely come to some uncomfortable conclusions.

In the author suggests:

[…] for now, consider these basic, indisputable facts.

-Hitler invaded Poland and conquered her almost without a fight.

-The Soviets offered the West a mutual strategy to intervene and defeat Hitler. The West refused. Even Poland refused.

-Two weeks after Hitler’s initial invasion, the Red Army crossed the border and occupied Eastern Poland.

-Despite all the crowing about Poland’s inviolable sovereignty, the West did basically nothing about it. They didn’t invade Hitler’s regime. There were also no “sanctions from hell” like what Biden just did to Russia.

Think about how weird this is. On paper, his strategy seemed insane. The combined French and British armies were larger and more mechanized than Germany’s and could easily win. Hitler’s invasion of Poland was so controversial, even some of his own generals considered overthrowing him. What did Hitler know that they didn’t?

If you read through it and then reach for Alex Krainer’s historical analysis in 3 parts then you will be much better equipped to answer big questions like: who started this conflict, why and what is likely to happen next.