Kill shots, literally

$1 million to find error in estimates of how many people have been killed by Covid injections.

Obviously, they are not vaccines. If they were, then there would be no need for medical experiments on billions world wide. In many countries these experiments were mandated, establishing clear culpability of governments.

This is War on Humanity. In fact this is just one vector of it. Having trouble spotting others? Here are some questions for guidance:

  • What is happening in Ukraine? Hint: why did Putin order the SMO?
  • Why is inflation rising, not just in the West? Hint: not because Putin printed Euros.
  • Why is the EU commiting economic suicide and deindustrializing? Hint: Putin did not do it.
  • Why are Nazis crawling all over Ukraine, Poland and soon the rest of Europe? Hint: not because Putin did it.
  • Who caused the escalating energy and food crisis? Hint: not Putin.