Omicron makes vaccine mandates obsolete

From a WSJ article Omicron Makes Biden’s Vaccine Mandates Obsolete by Luc Montagnier and Jed Rubenfeld. The little data we have suggest the opposite. One preprint study found that after 30 days the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines no longer had any statistically significant positive effect against Omicron infection, and after 90 days, their effect went negative—i.e., vaccinated people were more susceptible to Omicron… Continue reading Omicron makes vaccine mandates obsolete

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Very soon all the vaccines will be stopped

If (and its a big if) this is true then this is interesting. However, as with most things: do not believe anything the government says until it is officially denied: on youtube: on tapnewswire:

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Premeditated mass murder?

Indeed this seems to be the conclusion of a team of experts and lawyers who are suing Fauci, Gates and Tedros (and others) in the International Criminal Court in The Hague (and elsewhere). They are preparing to open the legal proceedings in the next few weeks. Get more details of what they have done and… Continue reading Premeditated mass murder?

900 hundred deaths

The Government of Luxembourg is getting ready to debate vaccine mandates. To this effect is has published questions for MPs in advance, to better instruct the debate, a reported by RTL. The situation, we are told, is grave, catastrophic even. Humanity is nearing extinction in little Luxembourg: The document starts by underlining the “alarming” situation… Continue reading 900 hundred deaths

Trouble with the policy

As usual, Alastair Crooke goes to the heart of the matter with his explanation of the insanity raging around us. Read his article: The Double Helix of Entwined Pandemic and Economic Strategy. He considers this insanity to be a feature and not a bug – it is by design. I agree. There clearly is little… Continue reading Trouble with the policy

Nuremberg Trials 2021 and experimental vaccines

It looks like more governments are toying with the idea of mandatory vaccinations against COVID. Some have already gone down that rabbit hole. Personally, I am worried that this will spread, especially in the EU where I live, given that most governments share the Davos (WEF) playbook. It is important to understand that there exists… Continue reading Nuremberg Trials 2021 and experimental vaccines

Dr Malone interview about COVID

Now I know why Big Tech wants to cancel Dr Malone, he speaks of inconvenient truths and pulls back curtains. Don’t take my word for it, watch the Joe Rogan interview yourself. A couple of teasers: Thomson Reuters and Pfizer act as fact checkers for Twitter. Little did you know that a certain Jim Smith… Continue reading Dr Malone interview about COVID

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