Trouble with the policy

As usual, Alastair Crooke goes to the heart of the matter with his explanation of the insanity raging around us. Read his article: The Double Helix of Entwined Pandemic and Economic Strategy. He considers this insanity to be a feature and not a bug – it is by design. I agree. There clearly is little… Continue reading Trouble with the policy

Questions, questions

Surely one of the best analyses of recent goepolitical events I have come across in a while. Why Russia didn’t shoot anything down yet? By Tarik

Ich bin Türke

In his article Is This Erdogan’s Exit Strategy?, Tom Luongo argues that Erdogan’s gambit is to de-dollarize. This idea is certainly not new. Michael Hudson, the economist, talked about this even before the coup attempt in Turkey in 2016. Well worth the read. Remember, as well, he’s convinced (and I have no reason to disbelieve… Continue reading Ich bin Türke