Princes of the Yen

Very good documentary about Japan’s economic and political history after WWII:

The making of Klaus Schwab

Do not expect to read about this in the news or in history book. It is an aspect of imperial (Empire of Lies) calculus which is best hidden from the masses lest it reveals the true face of evil (i.e. the Western ‘us’). Now lets think about where it has brought us: This is… Continue reading The making of Klaus Schwab

CIA: nazifying Ukraine since 1953

The recent declassification of over 3800 documents by the Central Intelligence Agency provides detailed proof that since 1953 the CIA operated two major programs intent on not only destabilizing Ukraine but Nazifying it with followers of the World War II Ukrainian Nazi leader Stepan Bandera. A formerly TOP SECRET CIA document dated July 13, 1953,… Continue reading CIA: nazifying Ukraine since 1953

The side of Tony Blair you did not know about

We all know he helped start the war in Iraq, but how many people know there is much more? Find out how much more at: Tony Blair War criminal , bisexual , torturer, liar , psychopath , multiculturalist , control freak, Bilderberg Group member. Believed to have amassed a fortune of between £50million and… Continue reading The side of Tony Blair you did not know about

Russia strikes back against Empire

Alex Kreiner’s blog has a set of very informative articles about present geopolitical events. Highly recommended: Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov held a long press conference in which he said that the Russian side is expecting “a concrete answer” to its security proposal but that Moscow’s “patience has come to an end.” During that conference Lavrov made a reference… Continue reading Russia strikes back against Empire

People versus the banks

The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks. Lord Acton, English historian, politician and writer (1834 – 1902)